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Control a searching range and crack lost RAR password even faster!

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Accent RAR Password Recovery Features

What it takes to be number one software tool for RAR password recovery. This program features all that means to you the most.

High Speed

Enables you to crack RAR files at the highest speed you can get with your hardware

Graphics Card Support

The speed of password recovery process grows with each extra AMD or NVIDIA GPUs

RAR3/RAR5 Compatible

Unlimited cracking possibility even with the latest RAR/WinRar format files

AccentRPR main features

Variety of Attacks

Extensive set of options: extended mask and dictionary based attack, brute force method

Magical Search Options

Extremely efficient search options: automatic/scenarios search, dictionary mutations etc.

30% Discount

A truly unique offer – save up to 30% for any purchased license.


Accent RAR Password Recovery team are proud to have so many happy users from all over the world. Here’s what they say:


Mike P.


“Very effective. I had a RAR file with a 6 character password. Told software to select method automatically. Found password inside 5 minutes!”


Lee Odegard


“Absolutely the best of the best software. Compared to other ones, this one is a lot faster. To recover 5 chars took me 11 minutes on Dual-GPU + Xeon X5 series box. Loved it, keep up good work!”


Francois Lamoureux


“AccentRPR is a very good product, technically very effective, and very fast. I have tried 4 differents products and this one is, far away, the fastest (>5100 pw/s) with a i7 3930K Intel CPU + a nVidia GTX 670. Never the less, dont expect to find passwords of lenght > 7 using brutal force, because it will take you years of calculation. This product is very good for short passwords and for dictionnaries attacks.”


Jeff Yu


“It is an amazing software, and the speed for rar file is much more faster than I have used ever before.”

Video Tutorial

Easy to use interface, high speed and efficiency make AccentRAR an impressive RAR cracking solution.

Watch the how-to videos to learn more about the power of this software product.


One goal universal for all software products is saving time by speeding up the RAR cracking process.

RAR3/RAR5 Support

Accent RAR Password Recovery works with the two most popular RAR archive formats - RAR3 and RAR5. The software works with encrypted file names.

GPU Password Cracking

It is a fact that GPUs crack passwords several times (up to several dozen times) faster. To use that advantage AccentRPR works with AMD and NVIDIA hardware.

Ultra High Speed

To ensure the best-in-class performance the program features optimized code with Asm-insertions.

Various Search Options

Special options – a separate mask for each symbol and dictionary mutation – enable you to skip unnecessary validity checks.


Another important advantage is a nice and easy user interface. Here are some screenshots of Accent RAR Password Recovery in action.


Download and test drive Accent RAR Password Recovery right now! Select the suitable version below to download your free trial.

Licenses & Prices

Trial version comes with a few restrictions. To have full access to all features you need to buy a license. The price of a license depends on the number of supported graphics cards.

Special Deal: any Accent RAR Password Recovery license with a 30% discount.


1100 ₽
770 ₽
  • CPU support only. No GPU support
  • 1-year license
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2900 ₽
2030 ₽
  • Support of 2 GPU devices
  • 1-year license
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5800 ₽
4060 ₽
  • Support of all GPU devices
  • 1-year license
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AccentRPR Benchmarks

High Speed. Seriously?

WinRAR has a strong password protection method using a number of encryption tricks which slow down the password cracking process. Besides the structure and size of a password protected file play an important role as well.

That’s why you might think Accent RAR Password Recovery is a bit slow. But that’s not true. AcentRPR is the fastest tool for RAR cracking you can possibly get. You can bet on it!


Demo Version Restrictions

A demo version is for evaluation purposes only and has certain restrictions:

  • only two first symbols of the found password are displayed
  • time limit: password search cannot exceed 30 min
  • process status file cannot be saved
  • only one GPU device involved

To view AccentRPR in action just create a test file and see how the program will unlock the file.

To use the program without any restrictions you need to buy a license.

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License Validity Period

A license is tied to one computer only.

To transfer a license to another computer it is required to uninstall the software from the first computer and activate it on the other one. In order to use the program on multiple computers you have to purchase a separate license for each computer.

A license shall be valid for one year following the date of its first activation. The cost of license prolongation for one year shall be 30% of its initial price.